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Culvert Installs

Culvert Installs Culverts are used to transfer water from one side of the highway to the other, to equalize ponds and marshes, to allow water to run under driveways. They are used on driveways or entrances to property when swales have been placed in them to allow water collection/drainage from the roadway.

Disposal of runoff from roadway ditches will help preserve the road bed, ditches, and banks. Strategically placed culverts, along with road ditch turn-outs, will help maintain a stable velocity and the proper flow capacity for the road ditches by timely outleting water from them. This will help alleviate roadway flooding, reduce erosion, and thus reduce maintenance problems. In addition, strategically placed culverts help distribute roadway runoff over a larger riparian filtering area.

Poorly designed culverts are more apt to become jammed with sediment and debris during medium to large scale rain events. If the culvert cannot pass the water volume, the water may overflow over the road embankment. This may cause significant erosion, washing out the culvert. The embankment material that is washed away can clog other structures downstream, causing them to fail as well. It can also damage crops and property. A properly sized structure and hard bank armoring can help to alleviate this pressure.

Culvert Installs There are many things to determine when installing a culvert – permit considerations, selecting culvert type (circular, elliptical and pipe arch), special site characteristics, culvert diameter, length, grade and alignment, and end treatment (concrete, rock, rip rap) this prevents erosion at the ends.

Let us take the worry away; we can install a culvert on a budget for you! This ensures that all permit laws have been met, and the correct culvert is installed to your particular situation.

We also provide culvert maintenance on existing culverts.

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