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Pool Decks

Pavers will compliment a new pool like no other surface option. And if you are remodeling your existing, unsightly stained and cracked concrete pool deck, pavers are the answer.

The Benefits of Pavers for Pool Decks

Pool Decks First there’s “Value”. Pavers’ value is two-fold. First of all with their durability and warranty pavers offer a cost competitive long-term cost effective solution. Secondly, pavers increase the value of your home. A home that shows well with a pool deck made with pavers offers a big plus to perspective buyers should you ever decide to sell your home. Second is “Strength”. Concrete pavers and brick pavers will not easily chip or crack. And don’t worry about chlorinated water, pavers are perfect for both chlorine and salt water pools. Pavers stand up to the rigors of the Central Florida environment, from the hot sun to the cold of winter. In addition, they are also flexible so you won’t have to worry about your new pool deck cracking like you would with a poured concrete deck.

Third is “Variety”. With many different paver types we can satisfy any budget or taste. Starting with the most common, concrete pavers, which nicely balance looks and cost. Next up are brick pavers, which are slightly more expensive. Then there are the natural stone pavers. There look can be more distinctive than the previous two options since they impart the beautiful natural look of stone to a pool deck or patio area. Just remember natural stone pavers are among the most expensive materials you can buy for pool decks.

Finally, “Beauty”. Pavers simply look beautiful, especially when their design is integrated with the look and feel of the pool and surroundings. There are plenty of colors, shapes, and sizes of pavers to satisfy any design need or design idea.

As you can see pool decks made with concrete pavers or brick pavers are extremely durable and are a very cost competitive alternative. However they do surpass the alternatives in many ways.

Pavers Guarantee for Pool Decks

Pool Decks Remember pool decks installed by Rubenstein Landscaping come with a lifetime warranty on materials and a ten year guarantee on workmanship. Also with an unlimited amount of color and shape options, choosing concrete pavers gives you a much more aesthetic solution. Pavers are very easy to maintain with regular cleaning and can even be pressure washed.

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