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Design / Install We are a leading practitioner of integrated design-build. By using integrated design-build techniques it allows us to deliver value to all of our customers – industrial, commercial, and residential. Integrated design-build allows our landscape designers and construction teams to collaborate from a project’s inception all the way through to installation. The result is improved estimating, better cost control, faster timelines and more landscape for every dollar spent.

The design member that comes out to meet with you initially will be your liaison for the entire design and installation of your project. This will ensure our client has a smooth, worry-free, no hassle experience from start to finish. We want to cater to our customer’s needs and wants, and that your whole landscape experience is an enjoyable one. We want to provide you with an “outdoor living area” that our customer’s will want to spend time enjoying with the family for many years to come.

Design / Install The uniquely beautiful landscapes for the place you call home or work is the singular driving passion of our landscape designers. Our team has won numerous local awards for our designs from the Parade of Homes in Polk County, to the City of Lakeland Beautification Award for our projects. The team has over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in Central Florida landscaping. Through education and experience we are sure to meet the needs of any landscape project.

Terry Rubenstein, the president of the company, personally visits and inspects all of the wholesale tree & plant nurseries in Central Florida that we purchase landscape materials from, this ensures that you only receive the healthiest and most beautiful plants on all of our projects. What separates us from our competitors besides customer service, education, and experience is we will drive 100 miles to find the perfect plant/tree for your project. The small details that we focus on at our company, is what makes us “the diamond in the rough” in Central Florida. We use sound fundamental horticultural practices; like always selecting the right plant for each area exp. - shade/sun; placing the tree/plant so it has the room needed to not only grow but thrive; choosing the most pest resistant varieties of trees/plants when possible; knowing if a plant is drought tolerant or requires a lot of watering could make a big difference for the consumer.

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