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Irrigation At Rubenstein Irrigation & Water Management, we can install new irrigation systems, optimize current, or retrofit pre-existing systems. No job is too big or small, from athletic fields, to adjusting an irrigation head, we do it all.

There is no one thing more important to a lawn or landscape than water, so how you deliver the water to your lawn or landscape should be just as important. Let our professionals ensure your irrigation is functioning properly. We offer monthly maintenance programs that ensure your irrigation system is operating the way it was designed to operate. Our friendly service technician will inspect your properties irrigation system monthly – adjust or repair heads as needed for optimum usage. This will give you a peace of mind knowing your water is going where it was intended to go. Call for a free quote on any irrigation maintenance program.

Irrigation Our #1 goal is to help you save money and conserve the world’s most valuable limited resource. We’ll suggest drought tolerant plants, and evaluate and even update your current irrigation system, with the latest technology; this will reduce consumption and cost.

If your building a new house, or just wanting to re-do your landscaping call us, so we can help you create a sustainable balance through correct plant selection, advanced watering techniques, and soil nutrition; we can achieve dramatic water savings for you.

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Back Flow Preventer for Irrigation System

At Rubenstein Lawn, Landscaping & Irrigation Professionals we can ensure that you chose the best back flow preventer for your particular irrigation or sprinkler system. Back flow preventers are crucial to the success of any irrigation system. This is a device that is added to your irrigation system and its job is to prevent the contamination of the potable or ‘drinking’ water which can occur in the event of back pressure. Most residential irrigation systems have only one system for both potable and irrigation water. So to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between the two a back flow preventer is important. You really don’t want all the chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides etc flowing into your drinkable water.

Irrigation Back Flow Inspection

As a health conscious person you want to ensure that your back flow preventer is working well and not contaminating your drinking or potable water. That is why we offer a full back flow preventer inspection service for your irrigation or sprinkler system. One of our professional irrigation contractors will come out to your property and inspect the functioning of your back flow preventer too make sure that everything is functioning correctly for you. We recommend that you have your system checked and maintained n a regular basis. So if its been some time since you have had your back flow preventer checked then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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