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Patios Your Patio is the most key feature of your landscape – it’s where you spend most of your time outdoors. We construct some of the best patios in the Central Florida area that are designed to make the most of your outdoors and include the features that you want most. While there are many options in paving materials and colors, the right patio will provide you with a great place to relax and enjoy the seasons. Our patios are constructed to last. The Florida climate can be tough on everything outdoors, including patios. Sufficient soil preparation and construction techniques will ensure that your patio lasts a lifetime, in some instances, longer than your home.

When designing the perfect patio, it is always important to account for the furniture. There needs to be sufficient area and space to accommodate the furniture, and without consideration, your dream furniture may not work in your patio. This is also a factor in the size of a patio – the patio may not need to be as large given the furniture layout, therefore allowing you to reduce the size and cost. Every patio will likely have furniture – so it’s very important to account for how it will fit within the patio design.

Patios We offer a large selection of shapes, styles, colors and patterns for your patio. Pavers will enhance a landscape and add a very uniquely designed touch. Our pavers are most commonly installed on compacted road base and sand and are proven to hold up as long as any other paving options. One reason many people choose our pavers over other paving options such as concrete, is for the ability to repair or fix any patio, walkway, or driveway installation with minimal effort and expense. Because these pavers are dry-set, they can be uninstalled and reinstalled with ease, if necessary. The large selection of pavers gives us, the landscape designer, many options for decorating and coloring a landscape.

Be the place to be! Be the envy of the neighborhood when the party is always at your place with an amazing new patio installation from Rubenstein Hardscapes! Please contact us for your free quote on a new patio.

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