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Landscaping Lakeland, FL Rubenstein Landscape Services, Inc. has been creating exceptionally designed landscapes and outdoor features for residential and commercial clients across Florida. Being a family owned and operated firm, we treat each project like our own and deliver a highly personalized service. We have dedicated people with decades of experience in landscaping, particularly in installing all sorts of outdoor features and amenities. With our design creativity and installation skills, we can guarantee one-of-a-kind landscape setups complete with all the vital elements our clients deserve.

As a full-service landscaping firm, we have the capability to create various landscape features such as softscapes, water features, hardscapes, fire amenities, and outdoor living amenities. We use only top-notch materials when installing such amenities, so they can last for decades in perfect condition. In fact, some of the most durable outdoor features in Central Florida were created by our company. Our landscaping crews are highly skilled people who can translate any design plan into actual landscape structures and features that demand attention and admiration. With us, you can definitely look forward to realizing all your dream outdoor amenities.


The key to achieving a well-balanced and exceptional landscape setting is a design that is done by professionals. And here at Rubenstein Landscape Services, Inc., we are known throughout the state for our excellent landscape designs, whether for residential or commercial properties. We get inspirations from our clients’ ideas, plus we strive to incorporate our own creative take of what a landscape should look like.

Our use of modern design software allows us to come up with landscape design proposals that are exceptionally detailed and photorealistic. These qualities offer our clients a rare glimpse into what their dream outdoors will be when we’re done installing all the included elements. Our customized designs are guaranteed unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Accordingly, we can create themed landscapes to perfectly suit our clients’ personality and design requirements. Clients may choose from Japanese inspired, Mediterranean, Old World, Oriental, Woodland, formal/informal, English, and organic. The possibilities in designs are limited only by your imagination and design needs.


When you hire us, you are guaranteed to enjoy our outstanding work ethic, skills, and creativity. We are composed of seasoned landscapers with countless hours of trainings and actual experience building all kinds of amenities for commercial and residential properties. We practice strict use of top-quality materials and supplies to guarantee outstanding landscape features. Our landscaping process also includes strict quality control on all stages of the installation process. We have a crew whose job is to oversee our projects and ensure that work proceeds according to approved plans and established best practices.

The amenities that we install are all based on the design plan, but we welcome design changes whenever possible. Our landscape installation crews ensure that the amenities we create are all above standards, so they can easily stand out and last a lifetime. Aside from installing softscape elements, Florida clients can also tap our services to install patios, outdoor fire amenities, retaining walls, decks, ponds, pools, and the like. Ultimately, we are always able to satisfy clients’ requirements and even exceed their expectations in many occasions. Our world-class installations are what made us one of the state’s top landscaping contractors. We are also well-loved and trusted by our past and present clients.


At Rubenstein Landscape Services, Inc., we have all the qualities you need and look for in a landscape contractor. We have decades of experience, skilled manpower, access to high quality landscaping supplies and materials, and complete tools and equipment. All of these allow us to proceed with every job smoothly and ensure that our valued clients complete their projects on time, within budget, and with the results that they expect.

We are among the very few landscaping companies that push our people to achieve their full potential. As such, we send them to training and seminars to improve their skills and knowledge about the industry. We also keep ourselves updated on the latest trends in the industry, so we can offer our clients the best level of services. Plus, we maintain competitive pricing for the services that we provide, which allows us to assist as many clients as possible. In fact, we have some of the lowest service rates among all landscaping companies operating in Central Florida.

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