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Emergency Services

Emergency Services Since severe storms and hurricanes are a way of life in Florida, we need to stay constantly aware of the ever changing weather in our communities. Because the employees of Terry A. Rubenstein, Inc. live in Central Florida, we understand the peculiarities of Florida’s weather. We strive to get life back to normal in our communities as soon as possible. Our company understands that when an emergency happens you need service to begin right away. To clear parking lots, driveways, debris from houses etc. We are fully prepared to provide Emergency Services to customers in Central Florida. After going through 4 hurricanes in a couple months period in 2004, we learned a lot and gained valuable experience for the next time Mother Nature bears down on Florida. Our company is well equipped to respond swiftly to assess property damage and provide timely clean-up. Next time you need Emergency Services give us a chance to show you what the true meaning of service is.

Emergency Services Some helpful pointers to help minimize storm damage to your property. The best way to minimize damage is to be proactive during the non-storm months. Being proactive by pruning or thinning your tree canopies prior to a storm, dramatically minimizes the risk of damage to the tree and nearby built structures. Proactive pruning is far less costly than the expense of an emergency response situation.

Let us set you up on a yearly tree trimming contract to ensure your trees are always prepared for a severe storm. This will save you money and give you peace of mind during those severe storms.

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