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How to Select the Right Pavers

Pavers Lakeland, FL Paver features and amenities are excellent additions to any type of property. They make outdoors more functional, safer and more appealing. However, the durability of the paved features is sometimes compromised because of poor installation and substandard paving products. You can avoid these problems by choosing the right paver type and hiring professional contractors. Certified installers know how to build durable and stunning paver features and amenities. They can also guide you on how to select the right pavers for your project.

If you are planning an outdoor improvement project, call us at Rubenstein Landscape Services, Inc. We are licensed and certified paver installers, so you are assured excellent results regardless of the complexity and scope of your paving project. We have already completed countless paving projects in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Brandon, Plant City, and other key cities in Florida. With our extensive experience in the industry and the unmatched skills of our people, we can surely realize your dream paver patio or driveway.

Selecting the Right Pavers for Your Project

It is vital to select the right type of pavers for your property improvement project. Using substandard pavers may result in frequent repairs and costly maintenance. You can avoid these issues by choosing premium brands and paving products that were proven long-lasting by property owners and paving contractors. Getting your pavers from reputable manufacturers will let you create elegant and long-lasting outdoor features and amenities. In addition, these companies have a wide range of paver design collections that will surely meet your needs and specific requirements.

If you are a newbie in this area, you may consider these tips on how to select the right pavers for outdoor features and amenities:

  • Durability. The use of modern manufacturing techniques makes pavers an extremely durable masonry material. These materials are now comparable to natural stones. Choose pavers with at least 8,000 PSI compressive strength if you want your paver amenity to last for decades. Top-quality paving materials have superior stability under severe loads and won't be affected by freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete pavers can last for more than 50 years with proper maintenance.

  • Paver designs. Pavers come in various designs and styles, so you can surely find the right paver combination for your outdoor features and amenities. Always consider the architecture of your home and the type of outdoor feature that you will install when selecting a particular paver design. The popular themes that you may choose for your project include Old World, Mediterranean, contemporary, and modern. Consult your contractor if you are not sure which of these themes will best suit your project.

  • Paver type. It is important to use the right type of paver on your project. If you will be installing a pool deck, walkway, or driveway, you may consider using permeable pavers. This is an eco-friendly paver since it prevents water runoff that could damage landscaping and other permanent structures in your property. You may also consider clay bricks for its classic look and earthy color. Go for natural stone paving if you want elegant and long-lasting paver amenities.

Always consult a certified paver installer if you want to get expert tips on how to select the right pavers, whether you are installing a patio, pool deck or driveway.

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