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Maintaining Your Lawns

Maintaining Your Lawns Lakeland, FL When you have a lush and beautiful lawn like the ones you see in upscale communities, your lawn becomes a source of pride for you. Also, your property increases its market value and becomes the perfect rest and recreation spot for you and your family and guests. While getting such a lawn may seem like a tall order, it’s not really difficult to achieve it since you can hire professionals to do the maintenance tasks for you. If you wish to save some dollars, you may also choose to do it yourself, but you must first learn the right techniques on maintaining your lawns.

If you think the task is out of your league, you may opt to hire professionals. With them, you’re assured of worry free maintenance since they can handle all kinds of maintenance tasks. Incidentally, we at Rubenstein Landscape Services, Inc. handle all kinds of lawn maintenance jobs for clients across Florida. We have served numerous residents of Bartow, Brandon, Plant City, and many other surrounding locations. We have skilled manpower and appropriate tools for all kinds of lawn and landscape maintenance jobs. We offer our services at client-friendly rates, so you can easily afford to hire us.

Lawn Maintenance Checklist

A carefully planned maintenance program for your lawn will make your DIY job easy. Here are the most important tasks to do when maintaining your lawns:

  • Mowing. You should mow when the grass is dry and must keep the mower blades sharp to facilitate easy cutting. You may leave the clippings on your lawn to serve as fertilizer and apply the right type of fertilizer to encourage the healthy growth of your grass.

  • Trimming and pruning. Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs should be done with care and with the right tools like shears, loppers, and pruning saws. When done properly, trimming and pruning can simulate growth, avoid accidents due to falling or dead branches, and enhance the appearance of trees and shrubs.

  • Fertilization. You should only use organic fertilizers on your grass and plants to avoid harming the greens and polluting groundwater sources. Also, don’t over-fertilize as it would only do more harm than good. If the grass blades will bounce back up once you’ve stepped on them, it means you’ve applied fertilizer just perfectly.

  • Weed and pest control. Unwanted grass and pest will surely wreak havoc on any yard, and you should be constantly in the lookup for them. Never use harmful pesticides but choose the ones recommended by your trusted lawn maintenance contractor.

  • Aeration. Aeration lets the ground breathe and improves health of turf and plants. It likewise reduces pudding and water runoff and even improves the soil’s pH level.

  • Seasonal cleanups. You must perform thorough cleanup of your lawn during spring and fall, and whenever the yard already looks untidy with dead leaves and debris. Remember to clean up right after to keep your lawn looking spic and span.

Get the Right Tools

Maintaining your lawns can be quite a huge challenge physically, financially, and logistics-wise. You should therefore get the right tools for your lawn maintenance tasks, such as simple hand tools like shears, pruners, and lopper. Meanwhile, for specialized tools and equipment such as mowers and core aerator, you may rent from your nearest home improvement shops. You could ask them how to use the equipment properly and safely or you can search the Internet for DIY tutorials and articles.

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